2 Life-Changing Effects Of Theft From Employer Convictions Or Plea Deals Without Legal Counsel

Posted on: 27 December 2021

Sometimes individuals get wrongly accused of offenses. If the offenses are of a criminal nature and result in arrests, there are a variety of potential outcomes. Accusations of stealing from an employer can have consequences that are life-altering. An arrest can be embarrassing and might be believed by others. Hopefully, this will never happen to you, but if it does, you need to understand why you should not attempt to remedy the situation alone. The following points identify a few things that could happen to individuals who are found guilty or accept plea offers for stealing from their employers.

Negative Effects on Future Employment

Certain job titles require individuals to have clean criminal records. This means that a conviction or plea could disqualify individuals. Sometimes there are not any considerations given for how much time has passed. Misdemeanors and felonies could be considered as a condition of employment. Sometimes state attorneys will pursue criminal charges and represent an employer. They might offer a reduced charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. These offers need to be discussed with a criminal lawyer because if they are accepted in the pre-trial phase and documents get signed, it might be difficult or impossible to rescind. 


Sometimes accused individuals are given the option to pay restitution. It is unfair to have to pay for a crime that was not committed even if it means that the charges will get dropped by the employer. This type of choice is ideal to discuss with a criminal lawyer because they can access the same evidence that state attorneys have. This evidence could assist them with building a strong defense and reasonable doubt. Sometimes judges order restitution if an individual is convicted. Failure to repay could cause issues in criminal and civil court.

Individuals accused of stealing from their employers should avoid discussing the issue with anyone who is not a criminal lawyer. Statements could be misconstrued and used as evidence. It might seem like a good idea to explain to the employer or management what really happened. However, the decision could result in more charges such as witness tampering since theft is a criminal charge. 

Accepting plea offers is ill-advised if an individual is innocent and the evidence is weak or circumstantial. A lawyer can explain the potential ramifications of accepting plea offers. They might be able to represent and give a strong criminal defense that could result in a dismissal. Lawyers can also negotiate plea offers when their clients are interested. Negotiations that include benefits for defendants such as sealing records might be attractive to some individuals who have fears about getting convicted despite their innocence.

For more information, contact a criminal law attorney.