Essential Roles Of A Legal Representative In Challenging An OWI Charge

Posted on: 19 May 2021

OWI charges attract some of the harshest legal penalties and fines. While OWI fines and penalties vary from one state to another, they are all designed to deter road users from drunken driving. Therefore, car owners need competent OWI lawyers to safeguard their interests after an auto accident. An OWI attorney advises clients on the course of action after reviewing the facts and evidence. Should the client wish to retain the OWI lawyer's services, they should receive expert help as follows.

Establishing an Appropriate Course of Action

Suppose a driver or a car owner faces an operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge. Getting an expert who understands the intricacies of the legal system significantly raises their chances of beating the case. Given that OWI charges attract some of the most severe legal consequences, it is prudent for any driver to contact an OWI lawyer for the right course of action with even the most negligible legal ramifications.

Auto accident proceedings do not always end up in court or before the state department for a hearing. First, following a charge, an OWI lawyer reviews the facts of the defendant's case and the applicable laws to determine the strength of the lawsuit. Once the OWI lawyer notices that a particular lawsuit has little chance of success, they can recommend and negotiate a fair settlement offer on the defendant's behalf. However, if the evidence is weighty enough and a claim stands high chances of success, the OWI attorney represents a car owner through the process, safeguarding the driver's interests. 

Expert Understanding of the Process

Court processes can be long, convoluted, and frustrating, particularly to a defendant that does not understand the procedures. Hiring an experienced OWI lawyer eases the process because of the lawyer's expertise. Furthermore, understanding the legal processes required saves the defendant time and money otherwise wasted in wrong procedures. Additionally, an OWI attorney shortens court procedures, saving substantial costs. Therefore, hiring a competent OWI attorney is more cost-effective than self-representation.

Representation Before the State Department

Many cases get dismissed because of oversight issues such as skipping minor but vital procedures during the application process. To avoid minor errors during critical legal processes, a defendant before the state department needs expert legal representation given the penalties and fines OWI charges attract. For instance, if a driver grossly violates traffic rules, they may lose their driving license. An OWI lawyer understands the process and requirements for a successful appeal to reinstate a driver's license. Consequently, the role of an OWI attorney as a legal representative during auto accident proceedings is crucial for all car owners.

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