Don't Face A Careless Driving Charge On Your Own: An Attorney Can Help You

Posted on: 6 April 2015

When you get behind the wheel, you are signing an agreement that you will commit to safe driving. Failing to honor this agreement doesn't just put your safety and the safety of other motorists on the road in jeopardy, but you also put your ability to drive at risk. If you are convicted of careless driving, you face harsh and lasting consequences. Familiarizing yourself with these penalties can show just how important having legal representation is.

License Revocation

Often the most severe consequence for a careless driving charge is license revocation. If your license is suspended, getting to work or taking care of other personal matters can be extremely difficult. You would need to rely on friends and family for assistance, or public transportation, each of which can be stressful and costly.

Failure to get the help you need getting to work could cause you to lose your job, which comes along with a host of financial consequences. Depending on the severity of your charge or if you have other convictions for traffic violations, your license could face a lengthy suspension.  

Insurance Premium Increase

Insurance companies assess premiums based on the risk you pose as a driver. The more convictions for traffic violations you have on your record, the greater the risk you pose. The greater the risk, the higher your premium. If convicted, the insurance company can legally increase your rate or even worse, cancel your policy.

If your policy is cancelled you might be required to seek insurance coverage from a high-risk specialty firm. Many of these firms charge rates that are considerably higher than traditional insurance firms. In most cases, you will be subject to these harsh insurance penalties for years after the conviction.

An Attorney Will Fight for You

The reality is that every person charged with careless driving isn't necessarily a bad driver that deserves to have their ability to drive revoked. An attorney understands this and will fight on your behalf. Even if you are guilty of the careless driving charge, an attorney can help reduce your penalties so that you have the opportunity to redeem yourself as a careful and responsible driver.

If you aren't guilty of the charge, an attorney will work hard to clear your name. Either way, without legal representation, you leave yourself open to harsh and lasting penalties.

Don't put your ability to drive at risk. Between personal and professional obligations, driving is a necessity. If you've been charged with careless driving, an attorney can offer you assistance. Contact a company like Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law for more information about your options if you've been charged with reckless driving.